• Shaké Sarkhanian
    Shaké Sarkhanian Editorial Chair
  • Brianna Gorence
    Brianna Gorence Executive Editor
  • Kevin Pinkoski
    Kevin Pinkoski Executive Editor
  • Audrey Bernasconi
    Audrey Bernasconi Senior Editor
  • Alicia Blimkie
    Alicia Blimkie Senior Editor
  • Madeleine Macdonald
    Madeleine Macdonald Senior Editor
  • Jodie Côté-Marshall
    Jodie Côté-Marshall Associate Editor
  • Eleanor Dennis
    Eleanor Dennis Associate Editor
  • Marc S Lussier
    Marc S Lussier Associate Editor
  • Alec Sader
    Alec Sader Associate Editor
  • Anabel Semerdzhieva
    Anabel Semerdzhieva Associate Editor
  • Caroline Schurman-Grenier
    Caroline Schurman-Grenier Associate Editor
  • Emilie de Haas
    Emilie de Haas Translator
  • Baudelio Eduardo Hernández Delgado
    Baudelio Eduardo Hernández Delgado Translator
  • Soo-Jin Lee
    Soo-Jin Lee Management Chair
  • Mélisande Charbonneau-Gravel
    Mélisande Charbonneau-Gravel Outreach Associate
  • Nicole Maylor
    Nicole Maylor Outreach Associate
  • Jared Miller
    Jared Miller Outreach Associate
  • Adam Rossiter
    Adam Rossiter Outreach Associate
  • Elizabeth Lougheed
    Elizabeth Lougheed Multimedia Chair
  • Yasmine Shadman
    Yasmine Shadman Multimedia Editor
  • Kimia Towfigh
    Kimia Towfigh Multimedia Editor

Thank you to Ana Lucia Lobos for the photos.

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