¿Cumple Turquía con el estándar europeo del “tercer país seguro”? Consideraciones a partir del acuerdo migratorio con la Unión Europea
de Alessandra Enrico Headrington
The recognition of Abkhazia by more States: A way to develop European interests in the South-Caucasus?
By Sophie Clamadieu
A Propósito de la Propiedad de los Embriones In Vitro y el Derecho Internacional Europeo
de Profesora Dra. Torroja
Informing Non-Refoulement Obligations with Responsibility to Protect
by Jenny Poon
International Law and
People’s Resistance
By Dr Juan Carlos Sainz-Borgo
Atrocity, Crime, and Justice: Thick and Thin Accounts
By Dr Mark A. Drumbl
The Perils and Promises
of Pluralism
By Dr Payam Akhavan
Why Pluralism?
A Lesson From Greece
By Dr Emmanuel Melissaris

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