COP27: Will the loss and damage fund help the fight against climate change? An interview with Professor Usha Natarajan
10 years on, Reflecting on the action against ACTA
Justice Among Armed Insurgents: Interview with Professor René Provost
Our team meets with Professor René Provost to discuss his recent book on the administration of justice by armed insurgents.
Islamic Law & International Commercial Arbitration
Senior Editor Irfan Tahiri sits down with Professor Maria Bhatti from the University of Western Sydney about the content of her recent book titled "Sharia Law and International Commercial Arbitration."
Law Among Peoples
An overview of intangible cultural protection regimes and throat singing.
Interview with Professor Jean d'Aspremont
Professor Jean d'Aspremont discusses his forthcoming book on the mysticism of international legal argumentation.
Hacktivism and Online (Il)legality
In the first podcast produced by Inter Gentes, we look at the phenomenon of hacktivism and its relationship to the legal norms surrounding computer use.

Photo credits: Slide 2 – “Salisbury Island” by Doc Searls | Slide 3 – Map by Slava Gerj | Slide 4 –  “Meanwhile…” by Thales

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